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Census Legacies is powered by the Center for Social Innovation, UC Riverside. The effort grew out of an early demonstration project in the Inland Empire, a Southern California region of 4.6 million residents.

Team members include:

Karthick Ramakrishnan, Founder and Director
Fatima Nelson, National and State Engagement
Sarah Wright, Local and Regional Engagement
Eric Calderon, Events and Narrative Change
Gary Rettberg, Research Manager
Beth Tamayose, Research Director
Carmen Zambrano, Researcher

Census Legacies Advisory Group

We are grateful for the strategic advice and thoughtful engagement by an incredible group of advisors, with experience in philanthropy, community development, civic engagement, and good governance. 

Business associations

Daniel Frank, ReadyNation

Census & philanthropy experts

Chris Wagaman, California State Assembly Select Committee on the Census  

Mahvash Hassan, Philanthropy and social impact consultant

Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census expert and consultant

Government agencies 

California Secretary of State

Manuel Lopez del Rio, Colorado Secretary of State

Nonprofits and nonprofit coalitions 

Dana Watters, National League of Cities

Frances Valdez, Houston in Action

Gregg Orton, National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

Janeen Comenote, National Urban Indian Family Coalition

Jeri Green, National Urban League

Jill Boxler, Council for a Strong America

Joan Naymark, Minnesotans for American Community Survey (MACS) 

Kyra Greene, Center on Policy Initiatives

Lycia Maddocks, NDN Collective

Meeta Anand, Leadership Conference Education Fund


Manuel J. Santamaria, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Margarita Luna, The California Endowment

Susan Racher, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

Richard Thomason, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Philanthropy-serving organizations

Ashley Dietz, Florida Philanthropic Network 

Jocelyn Bissonnette, Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation

Katina Mortensen, Minnesota Council on Foundations

Maggie Osborn, Maryland Philanthropic Network

May Yang, Minnesota Council on Foundations